I m also happy to present you, some English quotable quotes.

  • “If you buy the things which u doesn’t need, You will have to sell the things wich you need..”                                                                            Warren Buffet
  • ” Future is not what we have planned for tomorrow, but its the result of what we have done today…”
  • “Altough Tongue weights very lite, but only very few cab hold it”
  • “The change is the unchanging factor of this world.”
  • ” Never support your emotions by tears, & never give the support words to your anger.”
  • ” Love can be medicine of any kind of pain, but there is no any medician for the pain created by the love, so think twice before you hurt somebody”
  • “Success is a problem & failure is a formula, You can’s solve problem without formula.”
  • ” I am thankful to all those who said no ,because of them i did it myself”                                                                                                                    –  Aainstain
  • “Fundamentals of COOL life… “Walk like your the king or walk the way,  you don’t care whoever is the king..”
  • “Don’t define your failure by looking at someone’s success & don’t dedine your succes by looking at someone’s failure.”       – SMS
  • ” I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job because… he will deninetly find an easy way to do that..!”                        -Bill Gates
  • “Smooth  roads never make good drivers, clear sky never makes good pilots, Problem free life never makes a strong persons.. so don’t ask “Why me?”… Ask..”Try me..?”
  • Two things indicates your weakness.. ” To be silent when it’s proper time to speak.. & To speak when it’s proper time to be silent..”
  • ” If you can’t fly, run. If you can’t walk,crawl. But whatever you do, keep on moving towards your goal.”
  • GOD has 3 answers for each prayer…”YES”, “WAIT” & “I HAVE BETTER PLAN FOR YOU”,  He never says “NO”.So keep trusting the GOD.

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